Evin School of Management

Strategy Design and Execution Management Support Services

The Organisational and Institutional Development Work Group focus is to assist management to review and self evaluate the services, products and solutions currently offered with a aim of aligning existing operational policies, strategies, projects and programmes by addressing the current changes in business and working environment.

This entails a comprehensive review of all Program Support Policies, strategies, programmes and programmes will ensure that we accommodate a significant number of issues and changes emerged in the last few years in the business environment, particularly those dynamics affecting the Organisational and institutional competitiveness.

The Organisational and Institutional Development Work Group offers -Interim Management services where by our experts can offer Day to day board level support through planning, brain storming sessions and business review-with an option of business and management representation, whereby we can act on your behalf on various aspects and capacities on contracts, negotiations, banking etc.

In Particular, we achieve our goals and objectives in this area through  offering Strategy, Policy, Projects and Programme Design, Development and  Execution. See  The Organisational and Institutional Development Work Group Capability Statement