Evin School of Management

Capacity Building

Evin School of Management is an Independent Institution of Higher Learning Education. As an independent Organisational and Institutional Development specialist offers a broad range of highly respected leadership and management development programs of study.

The Learning and Development Work Group at Evin School of Management therefore aims at changing people and organizations for positive growth. We aim to achieve this by enhancing improvements on visioning, empowerment, learning, and problem-solving processes of individuals and organisations through activities like assessments, strategic planning and capacity building.


Evin School of Management is a passionate community of scholars dedicated to high-level teaching and research created and shared by students, community, and partners for the benefit of societies.

Evin School of Management is a place of education and scholarly inquiry. Its mission is to seek truth and disseminate knowledge. The school’s aim is to pursue this mission with integrity for the benefit of our local and the international community.

Specifically, the main aims of the Learning and Development Work Group is ensuring growth and effectiveness is achieved through Cross-Cultural Leadership and Management Decision Making Capacity Building Programmes. See  The Learning and Development Work Group Capability Statement